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Social Media Marketing

Exceptional Post + Quality Followers = #victory

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media sites are the vehicles in which your business will rely on for mobility and exposure. These social platforms are now becoming the neighborhood guru as the locality of communities come together to voice and campaign their experiences on products and services of businesses. Phonebooks are now becoming increasingly obsolete as social media evolves into the new word-of-mouth for prospective businesses.

Think of it this way, your competition is already socially-dependent from networking with professionals to directly servicing consumers. Major sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer geotagging and hash tagging, which pinpoints the location of users and creates links that redirect back to your pages. If these users are potential clients, their posts extend to their immediate circle of friends, and furthermore starts a domino effect, extending to broader audiences; offering a free-form of advertising. Social media allows you to maintain, build, and start interpersonal connections with clients in professional, as well as informal settings.

How can it help my business succeed?

Social media enhances the credibility of your business over time. As you attract more followers, the more traction you gain in local as well as corporate markets. When a potential customer stumbles upon your page, they are more likely to trust your company when they see a substantial amount of followers and activity. Have you ever found a company through Google and the results are scarce or unlocatable? From the perspective of a consumer, that would trigger hesitation and wariness in pursuing the product or service further. This makes SEO in conjunction with Social Media Marketing (SMM) all the more essential since numerous listings will amass information about your business and provide a stable, consistent flow of relevant content.

The rudiments and backbone of your business encompass contact information; creating a one-stop shop where prospective consumers can find your business’ phone number, email, address, and access to visuals such as your logo and shared pictures. Like to save money? If you are doing paid advertising for your website, this is also a cost-effective way for a client to find you, go to your website and contact you without you having to pay for that extra click!

Services we offer

Social Media Marketing (SMM) takes a lot of time and planning; time that most business owners do not have. That is exactly why our Social Media experts are trained to handle every aspect of your online presence. We start with an initial page analysis where we ensure all company information is present and consistent for both the users, as well as SEO purposes. We then post carefully thought-out, marketing-centric content on your behalf, respond to all comments, and analyze insights gathered in order to properly proceed with future posts.

Who you are posting for is just as important as the actual content though. It is necessary that your list of followers is made up of people who are interested in your products or services and could be potential buyers. Generating quality followers who are potential customers can be difficult and take a very long time to accomplish without the aid of Paid Advertising.

That is why we take the time to create the perfect Ads for your business that will appeal to your target audience. We also can provide your business with quality lead generation through your Social Media Channels, done via Custom Target Audience Analysis. This is always done by one of our trained representatives and never automated. This allows us to ensure your target audience is made up of only people who would be interested in, or in the right location to purchase your products/services (potential customers only).

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